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60W—Tunnel light

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The company's L E D tunnel luminaire is a multi-functional tunnel luminaire with beautiful appearance, functional function and strong weather resistance;
The lamp adopts die-casting aluminum process and aluminum alloy forming process; the structure is firm and the impact resistance is strong;
Thermal performance ensures long-lasting operation of the luminaire in the harsh working environment of the tunnel;
Efficient and reliable constant current power supply can make the lamp work stably and last longer. This lamp can also be used as a ceiling working environment for gas station lighting, toll station lighting, etc.
Independent and independent intellectual property design, a number of advanced technology integrated LED tunnel light products.
Stylish and modern design, the main structural components of the lamp body are made of high-pressure cast aluminum, which has the advantages of impact resistance and corrosion resistance.
The main heat-dissipating parts of the lamps are ultra-high thermal conductivity aluminum materials, which are processed by special techniques.
High-strength tempered glass, specially processed to provide better light transmission.
Superior heat dissipation performance:
According to the principle of conduction, radiation and convection, the optimal design of the heat sink is optimized. The patented thermal layer can improve the thermal conductivity of L E D and the heat sink. Under the ambient temperature of 35 °C, the junction temperature of L E D is below 75 °C. The humanized structure design makes it easier to install and maintain the lamps.
1 Installation angle can be adjusted between -55 ° ~ 55 °, suitable for a variety of installation methods.
2 External power supply design, suitable for tunnel lighting installation conditions, easy to operate.
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