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Aluminum alloy spinning lamp pole product overview:
   The spinning lamp rod is made of foreign advanced spinning equipment, and is integrally formed without welding to form a tapered or shaped rod. Polishing is then performed to remove surface grease, burrs and indentations. Then, after quenching treatment, the strength is strengthened to reach the state of T6, which meets the national standard.
Five advantages of aluminum alloy spinning lamp pole
·Using advanced foreign spinning equipment, the whole molding is without welding;
·The product is permanently rust-free, corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free;
·Diversified surface treatment process to make the appearance lines simple and smooth;
·The plug-in installation method can be adopted, which is light in weight and convenient for installation and transportation;
·The rod body can be recycled and reused 100%, the melting temperature is low, energy saving and emission reduction.
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