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Lotus light

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The lotus symbolizes the tranquility and detachment of oriental culture. There is no Buddha, no lotus, no Buddha, no lotus, life should be like lotus, Anxiang is step by step lotus.
  With bold innovation and thinking, the lotus lamp is given the most perfect and sacred inner character, accurately grasping the delicate and clean characteristics of the lotus and the spirit of the Buddha, so that the whole lamp has been sublimated.
  The lamp intelligently configures the LED light source in the luminaire to replace the traditional sodium lamp and energy-saving lamp source, which meets the requirements of modern road functional lighting. The LED body strips are used to make the lotus light in the evening more vital.
Material characteristics
●Combined lamp series lighting is the most widely used form of light source configuration in large-area lighting projects. It is a functional lighting fixture product. The main pole is made of high-quality steel plate, with concentrated light source and special lighting effect. It is the product of organic combination of functional lighting and landscape lighting.
Applicable place
● Large-scale cultural and leisure plazas, main road intersections, parking lots, stadiums, etc., where large-area lighting is required.
Material Description
●Steel lamp body, the whole high-quality hot-dip galvanizing after electrostatic spray treatment, no rust, anti-aging, smooth surface. The light source is a metal halide lamp, an energy saving lamp and an LED.
Special Note
●The basis is provided by the factory to provide drawings.
● The lamp body must be grounded safely during installation.
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