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Affiliate classification
Material characteristics
● Decorative landscape lighting products. Design style or abstract avant-garde such as art sculpture, or simulation realism as a natural normal element, can not only beautify the lighting environment, but also become a symbol of the national culture of a city and a region. Whether it is a large cultural square or a fashionable building community, he has a suitable reason. Very ornamental and use value.
Applicable place
● Parks, courtyards and high-end residential quarters, two sides of the road, commercial pedestrian streets, leisure squares, scenic tourist areas, etc.
Material Description
●Steel lamp body, the whole high-quality hot-dip galvanizing after electrostatic spray treatment, no rust, anti-aging, smooth surface. The light source is a metal halide lamp, an energy saving lamp and an LED.
Special Note
●The basis is provided by the factory to provide drawings.
● The lamp body must be grounded safely during installation.
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