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Let's take time to slow down, so that we can give mom more company.

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"Mother's Day" is very grateful for such a festival, so that all the children in the world express their gratitude and miss to their mothers. "The line of the mother in the hands of the mother, the jacket of the son", more hope that we do no matter where the children are, whether you have own home or not, you must not forget to give our life to parents, do not forget to be grateful, do not forget to give them a little blessing, even a simple greeting, I think of them It will be very happy, too.
When the green silk slowly turned white hair, fine lines quietly climbed up the cheek, inadvertently, the years have already carved a road full of laborious ravines on the mother's body. Mom, the hardships of life have changed your face, but you can never change your love for your children. Mom, please grow old.
Time is slow, so that we can give mothers more company.