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Cheng Xu Electric Group's hot blood casting industry, industry reported Guo en; Su merchants came to gather, Haimen for the root

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There is a kind of spirit that has the power to penetrate space and time. Even if the enterprise is developing rapidly and renewing, it is always the same, and this is the soul of the enterprise.
Mr. Zhang Jian's idea of "serving the country by industry, serving the country by industry," and "the education of his father and his mother" has deeply influenced many Soviet business enterprises.
Luo Yimin, former chairman of Jiangsu trade association and former vice chairman of CPPCC
Zhu Jiangsheng, standing committee member and deputy mayor of Haimen Municipal Committee, delivered a speech at the meeting.
Chen Jinshi: Zhang Jian is an outstanding leader of Chinese entrepreneurs from ancient times to the present.
There is a saying in Nantong: "one mountain, one water, one person" - the mountain is Langshan, the water is the Hao river, and the man is Zhang Jian.
"From the perspective of corporate governance, some people say that Mr. Zhang Jian failed. I think this is not the case. Comment on Zhang Jian's deeds before we should return to the environment of more than 100 years ago. How to evaluate Zhang Jian's achievements and spirit, Chen Jinshi made a clear statement in this sentence.
More than 100 years ago, when China was in a state of war and the danger of national survival, "salvation, revenge and power" became Zhang Jian's ambition in life. "He has set up 78 enterprises and built 365 schools, focusing on the reclamation of the beach and wasteland in Northern Jiangsu, and opening up the stock market in China. Finally, at the age of more than 70, he fell into his job. Unlike small merchants, he is the first generation of entrepreneurs in China, worthy of respect and respect. This is the only leader of Chinese entrepreneurs from ancient times to the present. For Zhang Jian's deeds, Chen Jin Shi counted his family and gave high comments.
Taking copper as a mirror, you can dress positively; you can understand the rise and fall by taking history as a mirror. Born in Changle Town, Chen Jinshi, who grew up in Changle Town, was affected by Zhang Jian's spirit from childhood, and used it as a mentor and example for his whole life.
Hao Huiding, chairman of Jiangsu Cheng Xu Electric Group Co., Ltd.
Han Zhongyang, chairman of Jiangsu Chun Yang curtain wall and doors and windows, Limited by Share Ltd
Zhang Fashun, chairman of Jiangsu Bo Yuan Wang Xia Group Co., Ltd.
Yang Zeyuan, chairman of the board of Baosheng Group Co., Ltd.
Chen Zuxin, chairman of Longxin Group Co., Ltd.
Lu Guiqing, vice chairman and President of the board of China South Group
Yu Wenqin, vice president and Secretary General of the Suzhou chamber of Commerce
A visit to the memorial hall of Zhang Jian
Mr. Zhang Jian also left much inspiration to contemporary Chinese entrepreneurs.
First, we should take national rejuvenation as our responsibility, combine with the national strategy, break through the barriers of technology and capital, and consolidate the material foundation of national revival.
Second, to achieve the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way, we must rely on the real economy. Entrepreneurs should consciously promote the transformation and upgrading of scientific and technological innovation made in China, and can not be obsessed with playing "Karate", making bubbles and becoming the financial oligarchs to manipulate the market.
Third, we should shape the commercial civilization with Chinese characteristics, not only follow the logic of modern industry and commerce but also uphold the principle of traditional righteousness and benefit; it is not only to pursue the economic benefits of enterprises, but also to bear the responsibility of social responsibility.