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Each city has two "face" during the day and night, only the two "face" is bright, the city is full of modern flavor and seductive charm.
City light during the day is easy to see, Beautiful or not in night , mainly embodied by lamps .
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        Night of the city, not only need illumination function, also need to be able to create a cultural atmosphere of landscape lighting. If there is no landscape lighting, just like a woman ,who only use face cream , but no Pencil the eyebrows and lipstick, it will lost most of the charm.
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        Landscape lighting should have unified planning and design, the use of color not chaos, not blindly pursue "the brighter the better", "the fancy the better", in case caused the disharmony and light pollution.
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       Urban landscape lighting should be "the concept of the scene during the day, night lights," day and night should have different scenery
Urban landscape lighting is an important part of the whole city lighting, is a city in social progress and economic development the important embodiment of style characteristics, she makes people into the city of the night, read and understand the beauty of the city, see the other side of the city.
The city landscape lighting made like a pearl, more brilliant, more brilliant! 
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        Landscape lighting uses light and color, making the person's mood and environment highly unified, let the spirit in a kind of artistic conception was released and sublimated.
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        If you spiritual joy, the appropriate red light can release your emotional, If you're depressed, then the appropriate green light to calm your mood.
Light and color, can express a kind of spirit of artistic conception, make the person's psychological needs are met.
CHENG XU electrics group Co., Ltd
        ChengXu landscape lighting makes the scene, the light and mood of echo each other, to create a light environment satisfied the spiritual needs of people.
Landscape lighting is around people's emotional experience, using a variety of lighting technology, with the perfect combination of light environment.
Landscape lighting is a human emotion as a starting point, from the perspective of the humanities to create a kind of artistic conception of light environment.
lighting color considering the environment of the human spirit, mood, More emphasized on spiritual artistic conception.
CHENG XU electrics group Co., Ltd
Landscape lighting include: 1. Saving energy and environmental 3. Functional4. artistic 5. Intelligent 6. Humanization.
ChengXu promise: we will only do the conscience products! We only do the conscience project!
Let light into their lives,
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life is full of light 
Is not afraid of the dark.
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