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Cheng Xu Group production base into solar energy, LED Production; Production of outdoor traditional lighting; poles manufacturing department.
Solar energy, LED Production Department set of advanced production equipment in one modern, professional solar outdoor lighting, LED outdoor lighting, LED garden lights, LED indoor lighting R & D.
Traditional outdoor lighting Production Department has NTU, medium and small die-casting machine, a suspension of hundreds of artifacts, can be put in place to complete a one-time multi-level separation operation. Multi-station automatic assembly production lines, product packaging, packaging a place.
Poles manufacturing department has a double linkage, balancing valve regulating large bending machines, pressure up to 1,000 tons, the length of time molding pole 16 meters, bending thickness up to 18 mm, can suppress rod, square bar , tapered pole, pole plum, but also other special shapes can be customized according to customer requirements poles. Spray the selected color according to customer needs, more than 180 kinds of colors for the election.